How to maintain HPHTCubic Press?

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Before maintaining the new HPHTCubic Press, checking the HPHTCubic Press status, and tightening the bolts, wait for the pressure is unloaded and the each cylinder pistons are returned to the end.

When replacing the holder, anvil, and small block, wait for the pressure pressure is unloaded and the each cylinder pistons are returned to the end.

If the valve fails and needs to be replaced or repaired, you should wait for the pressure is unloaded and the each cylinder pistons are returned to the end.

If the electronic control system fails and needs to be replaced or repaired, you should wait for the pressure is unloaded and the each cylinder pistons are returned to the end, and disconnect the power supply.

 When you need to replace the wearing parts such as seals and insulation, and disassemble the cylinder, wait for the pressure is unloaded and the each cylinder pistons are returned to the end, and remove the holder first. disconnect the power supply, and then disassemble the cylinder。











New HPHT hydraulic system 

The plant temperature is maintained at 15—35.



Before the machine is working, it should be repeatedly increase pressure and maintained between 40MPa and 60MPa, and the time is not less than 48 hours.


After one week of work, drain the hydraulic oil, clean the valve parts, and clean and check the oil tank filter.


All bolts should be tightened once on the third day and the tenth day of new machine operation to eliminate the bolt's elastic modulus.


HPHTCubic Press condition

Check whether the HPHTCubic Press has been repaired or need to be repaired. It is strictly forbidden to carry out the operation of the machine without repair. If problems are found, they should be repaired in time.





Check shift report

Observe whether there is oil leakage in high pressure oil pipes, three-way flanges, hydraulic stations, etc.





Whether the steel ring, circulating water pipe, water tank, etc. leak water.





Observe whether there are non-HPHTCubic Press items inside and outside the HPHTCubic Press.





Check if the limit nut and limit ring is loose.





Check if the stroke mechanism is effective





Check that the control cabinet, handle device, etc. are in good condition and the control is effective.





Check that the cable is normal, no damage, short circuit, or bear.





Check if the hydraulic action is valid.





Check if the hydraulic station is abnormal noise.





Check if the pressure gauge is in good condition.





Check if the hydraulic station filter is valid.





Check and clean the tank and replace or filter the hydraulic fluid.





Check the hydraulic station, piping system for residual grease, remnants.





Check the protective plate and the door is in good condition.





Check that the warning light is valid.





Check the parts for deformation and cracks.





Key force-receiving parts - flaw detection of hinge beam and booster cylinder






Pay attention to fastening big block, and holder bolts, especially for new HPHT hydraulic system, it is necessary to fasten the bolts every day.





Pay attention to tightening the three-way flange fixing bolt.





Pay attention to fastening high pressure oil pipe joints.





Pay attention to the fastening cover fixing bolt.





Pay attention to the fastening pin cover bolt.





Pay attention to fastening anchor bolts.





Pay attention to fastening the base bolt.





Pay attention to check the circulating water structure.





Quick-wear parts replacement

Replacement of insulation parts.





Replacement of seals in the seal cover.





Replacement of piston seals.





Replacement of end plugs seal.





Replacement of working cylinder seals.





Replacement of booster seals.





Special warning:

1. It is strictly forbidden for the non-operator of this machine to operate or start the machine at will.

2. The user must set a safety barrier higher than the human body with sufficient strength around the host machine. Before starting the machine, the protective plates of each window must be covered.

3. When the HPHTCubic Press is in a super-high pressure state, it shall not stand or stay near the HPHTCubic Press and the super-high pressure pipe, and it is strictly forbidden to disassemble any oil pipe in case of danger. The operator can only operate in front of an electrical control cabinet with a certain safety distance. A safety barrier must be provided in front of the electrical control cabinet. 

4. The HPHT hydraulic system is super-high pressure HPHTCubic Press, and the working pressure must not exceed the design pressure. If used continuously for a long time, the working pressure must not exceed 90% of the maximum allowable pressure. For the production of PDC and micro-powders, such as manufacturers with short synthesis time, it is recommended to check the HPHTCubic Press for the handover every day.

5. If abnormal noise is found during use, it must be stopped immediately. Focus on the critical force-bearing parts (such as hinge beam, pin, booster), and confirm that it is not damaged before starting.

6. The HPHTCubic Press should be inspected regularly to check whether the parts are deformed or cracked, whether the high-pressure pipe and joints are leaking, whether the fasteners are loose, whether the stroke sensor and the limit switch are invalid, and whether the hydraulic and electrical components are normal.

7. The HPHTCubic Press should be overhauled once a year, the seals should be replaced, and key stress parts (such as hinge beams, working cylinders, pins, booster cylinders, pistons) should be inspected. If any of the stressed parts is found to be damaged, must be inspected and replaced.

8. Over-travel operation will lead to dangerous accidents.

9. If any alarm occurs, stop immediately and try to unload pressure first before checking.


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