How to warm up the Hpht Cubic Press?

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The purpose of warming up:

1. Gradually increase the pressure and temperature to release the internal stress of the Anvil, to enhance its stability during synthesis and improve its service life.

2. Gradually raise the temperature of the preheating block to conduct Heat through the Anvil, steel ring, small pad, large pad, and onto the piston and hinge beam, so that the overall temperature of the main Hpht Cubic Press gradually reaches the synthesis state.

3. Through the preheating process, raise the temperature of the hydraulic oil to meet the requirements for synthesis, ensuring the stability of the press during super-pressure, pressure holding, and pressure releasing. 

4. Bring the temperature of the cooling water gradually to the requirements for synthesis, to avoid Anvil fracture (especially in cold weather).

The preheating process is used to check if the main Hpht Cubic Press, electrical control, and hydraulic systems meet the design requirements and function properly.

Requirements for setting the preheating process:

The pressure and power during preheating must follow a gradual increase from low to high. The extent of pressure and temperature rise should be small and slow. The final pressure and power during preheating should not exceed two-thirds of that during synthesis. For a new Hpht Cubic Press, the total preheating time should not be less than 8 hours, and the Anvil temperature should be 70-80 degrees.

Preheating precautions:
1、Every time the preheating block is replaced, check the temperature of Anvil toavoid it temperature sharply  increas.
2、During the preheating process, pay attention to whether there are oil leaks or water leaks. If any, they should be repaired in time.
3、Pay attention to whether the various parameters (power, current, resistance, etc.) are normal at the beginning of heating and during the preheating process. If abnormal conditions occur,the Hpht Cubic Press should be stopped  immediately.
4、During the entire preheating process, observe whether the actions of the main Hpht Cubic Press are normal. If abnormal conditions occur, the Hpht Cubic Press should be stopped for maintenance immediately.

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