Advantage of Qiming HPHT Cubic Press

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Our cubic press has excellent overall rigidity and stability, is energy-saving and environmentally friendly, and can realize high-precision control of pressure, voltage, current and power. The synthesis process and product are highly consistent. It is suitable for the production of PCD, PCBN, CBN, color enhancement and other products.

Host machine
1.The key component of the cubic press, hinge beam adopts Qiming's patented materials, and its performance is improved by nearly 30%, which guarantees the overall rigidity and stability of the equipment. 
2.The combination of holder and anvil adopts a reverse angle design to balance the pre-tightening force. After a long time practical application test, the service life of the anvil and holder is extended.
3.The cubic press adopts the integrated working cylinder structure and the design idea of large arc and small clearance fit. The pressure of the whole machine is evenly transmitted, which effectively avoids excessive local stress and reduces the failure rate.
4.The first introduction of the concept of silent press, there is no noise in operation, and the overall rigidity of the press is greatly improved, providing a more stable synthesis environment and ensuring synthesis safety.
5.The key mating surface inside the cubic press adopts mirror processing technology to reduce the friction coefficient, improve the material density and wear resistance of the key mating surface, improve the synchronization and stability of the press, and improve the use of key components of the equipment service life

Electric and hydraulic system 
1.Proposing new concept of filling liquid, which means reasonably distribute function of each pump. It can achieve more stable formation process of synthetic cube sealing edge and extend the pump’s service life. 
2.High-precision pressure control, the overpressure accuracy can reach 0.05MPa, the holding pressure accuracy can reach 0.02MPa, and the pressure relief accuracy can reach 0.02MPa.
3.Large overpressure rate range, can achieve any overpressure speed less than the maximum overpressure speed, realize fast and slow overpressure, in actual use test 2 hours increase 1Mpa is normal (smaller overpressure speed has not been tested) .
4.The customized servo superhigh pressure pump set is adopted, with high starting response, small impact on the grid, constant torque output, power factor can reach more than 95% (ordinary motor power factor is only 83%), and the noise is less than 60dB. Provide a basic guarantee for the stability of the super-long process.
5.Heating can be control by voltage, power, and current. Accuracy is 1mv, 1A, 1W. 

Service advantage  
1.We are the manufacturer of HPHT since 1999, and have exported to more than 20 countries. So we can control a lot of aspects during the whole process, from casting, forging, machining to package, technical communication and after service. As you know the powerful after service is extremely important for foreign customer.

Value-added services and cooperation
1.Except we’re the manufacturer of HPHT cubic press, specialized in the machine and have a lot of experience. Can provide professional service and support directly. On another hand, we do diamond powder and PDC production by ourselves since 1999, and also do single crystal diamond production now by ourselves, so except machine, we hope we can offer more extra service and more cooperation opportunity in the future.

Production time 
On another hand, we think it’s very important that we have already arranged some raw material, like hinge bean, cylinder, piston, etc some are longest production part raw material production, so it will help to reduce the production time. We know your project time schedule is very tight. We hope we can help you to reduce some time. 

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