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Synthetic Diamond Powder HPHT Cubic Press

Synthetic Diamond POWDER (mesh ) 20/25 40/45 45/50...800/1000. Our HPHT Cubic Press has Simple structure. Our HPHT Cubic Press Cylinder Diameter ranges from 420mm to 1000mm, Our HPHT Cubic PressMaximum Thrust Can Reach 94.2MNand . Our HPHT Cubic PressPressure Accuracy Can Be Controlled to 0.01MPa.



Since the establishment of the company, we have been committed to the production of high-quality HPHT Cubic Press, and continue to carry out technological innovation and equipment upgrades to meet the needs of customers. Our company has deep cooperation with some of the Fortune Global 500 companies, scientific research institutes, and listed companies. Our company has a close relationship with leading enterprises in the industry such as Zhongnan Diamond, Huanghe Whirlwind, Sino-crystal Diamond, SF Diamond, Funik, Famous Diamond, and so on. We have cooperated closely with Zhongnan Diamond and Huanghe Whirlwind in various fields and projects for more than 20 years. We have provided nearly two thousand sets of six-sided pushing press equipment with a contract value of nearly 100 billion yuan, which has provided a strong boost for the rapid development of the diamond industry.


The HPHT hydraulic system's main constituents of the host machine, are the travel mechanism, hydraulic system, electric control system, heating system, and cooling system.


Technical Parameter


sales service

1、Pre-sales service
     a. Sales team will email you to confirm your target products.
     b. Technical team analyze and design special model for you.
     c. Our technical team customizes factory layout plans and equipment layout schemes based on the size of the customer's plant and the quantity of equipment.

    2、During the sales process, 
     we can provide training on equipment operation and a matching equipment manual. The manual contains detailed information on equipment and electro-hydraulic principles, as well as installation steps. We will update the order status (including the production cycle schedule) in real-time.
     3、After-sales service
     a. Assist you build up the factory and production line. 
     b. Install and maintain machines.
     c. Training your workers to achieve skillful operation. 
     d. Our team will respond to customer inquiries within 24 hours, through email, telephone, online chat tools, and other means. Even if on vacation or unavailable,  we will provide advance notice or set up automatic replies to ensure that customers can always reach us and their issues will be addressed.
     e、We will regularly visit old customers to provide normal maintenance and upkeep for the machines.

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