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Hpht Lab Grown Rough Diamond


Synthetic Diamond Cube


Jewelry Diamond HPHT Cubic Press

Jewelry Diamond size:0.2-20Crart. Our HPHT Cubic Press has Simple structure. Our HPHT Cubic Press Cylinder Diameter ranges from 420mm to 1000mm, Our HPHT Cubic PressMaximum Thrust Can Reach 94.2MNand. Our HPHT Cubic PressPressure Accuracy Can Be Controlled to 0.01MPa.


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American customers to our factory acceptance press

June 16, 2016, US customers to our factory acceptance of large press equipment, a complete success!


2016 The 7th China (UAE) Trade Fair

From December 5 to December 7, 2016, our company sent representatives to Dubai to attend the 7th China (UAE) Trade Fair. Li Lingbing, Consul General of the Consulate General of the People's Republic of China in Dubai and Jin Lei, Business Counselor of the Economic and Commercial Chamber, visited a number of enterprises.



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